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(e.g. Tb927.1.800)

GeneDB Annotation:       
(e.g. ATP synthase)

Gene Ontology:
(e.g. transcription factor activity)

TrypsProteome database was developed in Ken Stuart’s laboratory in order to organize and disseminate proteome data for kinetoplastid parasites, with an initial focus on Trypanosoma brucei. Its first datasets were generated from analyses of the mitochondrion and protein complexes therein according to grant funding. This work has been extended since substantial additional data was obtained, and because the database provides a framework to integrate proteomic and other data. The primary purpose of this database was to report mass spectrometry data, but additional data on subcellular localization and complex association (e.g. protein associations, immunofluorescence and sedimentation data) have been included when available. TrypsProteome database is indexed using GeneDB identifiers, and can be searched using GeneDB ID, annotated description (text search), Gene Ontology (GO) functional description, protein complex information, or subcellular localization. The intent is to expand the content of the database and thus enhance its utility. A list of items in progress is below. Suggestions are welcome.

Click here for relevant proteomic publications from the Stuart lab.

In Progress:

Add relevant unpublished data from Stuart lab and other labs as available.
Add data on protein:
  • subcellular localization by subcellular fractionation and immunoflourescence (IFA)
  • sedimentation profiles
  • complex association
Incorporate relevant published proteomics data (Links to relevant publications on specific proteins that are in the database).